The unforgettable lines in the heart of darkness by joseph conrad

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The unforgettable lines in the heart of darkness by joseph conrad

Conrad is considered an early modernist, though his works still contain elements of 19th century realism. Joseph Conrad Joseph Conrad It is hard to believe that a gifted writer like Joseph Conrad was not even able to speak English until the beginning of his twenties.

Conrad was grown up by reading works of romantic-heroic tradition of Polish literature. However, Conrad loves revolutionaries only if they are frank in their ideals. Conrad always exalted traditional values like honor and fidelity in his works.

Conrad had a problematic youth and even tried to commit suicide but he finally found happiness and success in working for British Merchant Service. Contrary to many intellectuals of his period, Conrad was against the ideas and ideals of French Revolution.

Conrad did not like the idea of revolution and saw the reason of French Revolution as the inefficiency of European monarchies to increase their legitimacy. He believed in order and discipline. Both writers were defending conservatism, monarchical systems and exalted traditional values.

However, contrary to Burke, Conrad was not a religious man.

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Burke saw the state as a sacred institution like famous philosopher Hegel. Although Conrad had sympathy towards revolutionist heroes like his father, he did not like Marxists because he never believed in class struggles and was disturbed of Marxists who were engaging in violent acts, anarchy and thus, making the state dysfunctional.

According to Conrad, the only class struggle in societies was between honest, moral citizens and immoral, troublemaker ones. The captain of the ship is an honest, moral man whereas one sailor of the crew, Donkin, is a dishonest, immoral man that aims to provoke other sailors and create chaos.

Similar to the conditions on the deck of the ship Narcissus, Conrad thought that there are dishonest, agitator members of English society who want to create chaos in the country.

Joseph Conrad thought that democracy prevents the arise of feelings like nationalism and patriotism. Conrad also did not believe in the myth of progress and this constituted the base of his world view.

As a conservative, Joseph Conrad did not support the fetish of science. In some ways, Conrad differs from other representatives of British imperialist fiction.

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Conrad, unlike Rudyard Kipling, did not clearly express his ideas about the superiority of Anglo-Saxon race over other races, but he still had the orientalist view like all of his contemporaries.

Although Conrad was showing fearless, adventurous British explorers as heroes, he was aware and disturbed of the fact that there were some economic benefits hidden behind bringing civilization pretext in British policies.

As a defender of monarchy, Conrad for sure did not want bourgeois class dealing with trade to become very powerful. This is why, many conservatives like Conrad did not support imperialism. Conrad loved courageous British explorers not degenerate, violent imperialists.

In most of these works, we can clearly distinguish that Conrad admires the spirit of exploration, a group of bold man sailing to unknown with their British flags by singing, telling sea stories to each other away from their families.

While creating this kind of positive image of British explorers, Conrad was motivated by his admiration of Captain James Cook. Conrad also loved colonists; because he thought that these people were really trying to bring civilization and new ideas to primitive people.

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However, Conrad was doubtful about their chances to realize this ideal. Conrad has also pessimistic ideas about human nature and in this way he is considered as an Hobbesian writer. Similar to Thomas Hobbes, Conrad thought that human beings are selfish creatures who should live in a powerful sovereign state that would be responsible of regulating everything and punishing guilty people harshly in order to keep order and peace in the society.

Conrad believed that away from a sovereign power, the evil nature of humans could come into light. Relationship between white man and native woman is one of these themes. One of the most important themes he dealt with is the alienation of white man living with native people.

The unforgettable lines in the heart of darkness by joseph conrad

Kurtz character in his most famous novel Heart Of Darkness can be a good example for this. The miserable condition of native people, who are forced to work like slaves, is another important theme in his works.Written as an homage to Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Ulysses follows its hero, Leopold Bloom, through the streets of plombier-nemours.comowing with puns, references to classical literature, and stream-of-consciousness writing, this is a complex, multilayered novel about one day in the life of an ordinary man.

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quotes from Heart of Darkness: ‘We live as we dream--alone.’.

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