My most memorable day in school graduation

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My most memorable day in school graduation

Each month over students arrive at Fort Benning, Georgia for their chance to face the toughest physical, mental, and emotional challenge they will likely ever encounter. Thank God that I was in Vietnam. Compared to Ranger School, combat was easy. Every Ranger School graduate has a horrific and most likely true story of the pain, suffering, and seemingly unimaginable feats of human endurance from their time during the course.

These stories help maintain the cultural significance afforded to soldiers that wear the ranger tab.


But these stories offer little that will help hopeful ranger students prepare for the experience. There are many challenges and stressors in Ranger School — some challenges you can prepare for and some you cannot.

These are my personal recommendations for aspiring Rangers.

Not knowing what to expect: You can reduce the stress of the unknown by seeking out information from reliable sources. Ask questions of Ranger graduates that will make you more aware of what the course entails, rather than Ranger School war stories.

How are patrols graded? What does a normal day look like during the field problems? How do peer evaluations work? The Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade has done a great job of providing information on their website. Many hopeful Ranger students fear that they will not pass the entry tests that are given during the first week of Ranger School.

This week is aptly dubbed the Ranger Assessment Phase RAP where students are evaluated for their ability to endure the 62 day school. The RPA requires students to complete 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups, a 5-mile run in This is a challenge you can overcome. There is no Ranger School standard or quota as many believe.

Students are graded against Army standards. Students fail because they have never been held to these standards.The Kern High School District (KHSD) is committed to ensuring equal, fair, and meaningful access to employment and education services.

KHSD does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, ancestry, color, ethnic group.

Graduation Day  Graduation day is what all high school students are waiting for, the big day we all think as grown people and we’ve made the right decisions because of how far we’ve gotten Graduation was one of my of my most memorable moments in my life, it’s like a new start to my future.

We all come to think college is the next step to our pathway and we all mainly do it for a. Either way these memories have become milestones that I will remember forever, which is the day of my graduation.

This day is the most memorable because the enjoyment I had when I .

My most memorable day in school graduation

We have arrived at that time of year, when graduating students across the country don their caps and gowns, and arm themselves with a big grin as they march across the stage to receive their diplomas. Whether a student is finishing up middle, elementary, or high school, graduation is an important milestone in their learning journey.

My Memorable Day In University Of Ilorin - My Graduation Day My graduation portrait: At University of Ilorin (Better by far University), the most memorable day to me was 23 October, - my graduation day. The graduation, meant so much to me that it is a must I have to write something about it.

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This is because it was a significant measure to. / Your Most Memorable First Day of School. Kindergarten Cop. On the first day of school, my assignment was substituting for a kindergarten teacher.


Little did I know what was to come on the first day of school. My back hurt, and I didn't feel quite right. A trip to the doctor revealed that I was in early labor.

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