Marriott international vrio analysis and value chain essay

Superior efficiency is apparent in their forces. They are besides really concerned with minimising employee turnover because of the high costs associated with developing new employees. Their enlisting procedure screens out people motivated by money. Superior reactivity can be seen in their cardinal history direction inducement the company has in topographic point.

Marriott international vrio analysis and value chain essay

Download Essay Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Superior efficiency is evident in their personnel. They are also very concerned with minimizing employee turnover because of the high costs associated with training new employees.

Their recruitment process screens out people motivated by money, and focuses on people who are motivated by recognition Have, Superior responsiveness can be seen in their key account management incentive the company has in place. This management incentive allows Marriott to focus on their potential customers and gain customer loyalty Millman, One of the intangible resources that Marriott has is its reputation.

Not just their reputation with customers, but also their reputation with the community. The Marriott brand is a valuable resource. Marriott fully exploits this resource by the global expansion that Marriott has undertaken Tepeci, As for the reputation within the community, Marriott has received the Global Services Leadership Award, because of their commitment to the community, and their excellence in strategic business use of services Marriott Receives, This will include donations, sponsorships, and volunteer services.

They have three resources that provide them with a sustained competitive advantage, and one resource with a temporary competitive advantage. It is the responsibility of every employee to generate a competitive advantage by creating and exploiting resources Barney, The use of computer based property management has improved efficiency in the hotels and allowed employees to focus on the customers demands Serlen, Marriott has been very focused on retaining customers and building on their brand loyalty.

By the use of technology they have been able to provide faster service and safer environments Serlen, They are using technology to continually improve the process or property management.

Marriott is currently in the process of testing the use of lobby kiosks to assist in guest check-ins and check-outs Marriott testing, They are attempting to build on the competency of guest satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Marriott is also exploiting its current competencies including their brand loyalty to continue to globalize their market. Barriers to Imitating One of the main barriers to imitating the distinctive competencies of Marriot is the cost of imitating these competencies.

The monetary costs are not really an issue; however the cost in time and resources to implement these programs can be difficult.

Marriott international vrio analysis and value chain essay

The time involved obtaining employee loyalty and brand loyalty is very lengthy. These competencies cannot be purchased they must be obtained over a period of time, and involve many different aspects. The implementation of the Kay Account Management Initiative is very costly because of the specialized training it takes to implement such a system.

Adapting to Change Marriott has been very successful of adapting to the trends in the industry. They have been able to implement the latest technology to provide efficient service Marriott Testing, Value Chain The value chain consists of support activities and primary activities.

Primary activities are divided into five categories. The first category is inbound logistics are the activities associated with obtaining the consumables that customers will need when they are staying in the hotels. The operations activities would include the housekeeping and the maintenance of the hotels.

The outbound logistics includes building and franchising of hotels. The marketing and sells activities includes all the advertising and market research.

Marriott International VRIO Analysis and Value Chain Essay Sample

The final primary activity is the service activity, which includes the customer service during check-in and check-out, and the bellhops Middleton-The Value, The support activities include the administrative activities including the property management systems, and the safety systems.

Other support activities include the human resources which involve the hiring, training, and compensation of the employees. The technology and research is includes the implementation of computerized systems, such as the kiosks. Some of these activities are being outsourced by Marriott.Marriott International VRIO Analysis and Value Chain Essay by helbigt, University, Master's, A-, July download word file, 5 pages download word file, 5 pages 1 votes1/5(1).

Marriott International VRIO Analysis and Value Chain Essay Sustained Competitive INTRODUCTION Marriott International, Incorporations is a leading lodging company with more than 3, launched properties in the United States and operates in more than 65 . Check out our top Free Essays on Value Chain Of Marriott International to help you write your own Essay Value Chain Analysis Unit 4Individual Project Assignment Calette Williams GB Managing the Value Chain Professor Dr.: Supply Chain Managment - Essay.

What is the impact of hotels on local economic development. Singapore Marriott Hotel. Marriott International VRIO Analysis and Value Chain. (, WriteWork has over , sample papers". Marriott International hotels and resorts as a brand is evaluated in terms of its swot analysis, competition, segment, target group, positioning.

Its tagline/slogan and unique selling proposition are also covered.


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