Grachi tiberius gaius rome essay

From the time of youth, great skill had come from the good hop of all; the best education was brought on for the distinguished characters. From boyhood the diligence of the mother Cornelia taught them and educated in Greek letters.

Grachi tiberius gaius rome essay

They attempted to pass land reform legislation that would redistribute the major aristocratic landholdings among the urban poor and veterans, in addition to other reform measures. After achieving some early success, both were assassinated by enemies of these reforms.

Early life The brothers were born to a plebeian branch of the old and noble Sempronia family. Their father was the elderly Tiberius Gracchus the Elder or Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus who was tribune of the plebspraetorconsuland censor. Their mother was a patrician: Cornelia Africanadaughter of Scipio Africanushimself considered a hero by the Roman populace for his part in the war against Carthage.

Their parents had 12 children, but only one daughter - who later married Scipio Aemilianus Scipio Africanus the Younger - and two sons, Tiberius and Gaius, survived childhood.

Cornelia ensured that the brothers had the best available Greek tutors, teaching them oratory and political science. The brothers were also well trained in martial pursuits; in horsemanship and combat they outshone all their peers. The older brother Tiberius was elected an augur at only 16 — according to the historian J.

Tiberius Gracchus

Stobart, had he taken the easy path rather than the cause of radical reform, he would have been clearly destined for consulship. Tiberius was the most distinguished young officer in the Third Punic WarRome's last campaign against Carthage.

He was the first to scale Carthage's walls; before that he saved an army of 20, men by skilled diplomacy. As the boys grew up, they developed strong connections with the ruling elite. Much public land ager publicus had been divided among large landholders and speculators who further expanded their estates by driving peasants off their farms.

While their old lands were being worked by slaves, the peasants were often forced into idleness in Rome where they had to subsist on handouts due to a scarcity of paid work.

They could not legally join the army because they did not meet the property qualification; and this, together with the lack of public land to give in exchange for military service and the mutinies in the Numantine Warcaused recruitment problems and troop shortages.

The Gracchi aimed to address these problems by reclaiming lands from wealthy members of the senatorial class that could then be granted to soldiers; by restoring land to displaced peasants; by providing subsidized grain for the needy and by having the Republic pay for the clothing of its poorest soldiers.

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He immediately began pushing for a programme of land reformpartly by invoking the year-old Sextian-Licinian law that limited the amount of land that could be owned by a single individual. Using the powers of Lex HortensiaTiberius established a commission to oversee the redistribution of land holdings from the rich to the unlanded urban poor.

The commission consisted of himself, his father-in-law and his brother Gaius. Senators arranged for other tribunes to oppose the reforms. Tiberius then appealed to the people, and argued that a tribune who opposes the will of the people in favour of the rich is not a true tribune.

The senators were left with only one constitutional response — to threaten prosecution after Tiberius's term as a tribune ended. This meant Tiberius had to stand for a second term.

They also gathered an ad hoc[a] force, with several of them personally marching to the Forum, and had Tiberius and some of his supporters clubbed to death.

This was the first open bloodshed in Roman politics for nearly four centuries. Ten years later, in BC, Gaius took the same office as his brother, as a tribune for the plebeians. Gaius was more practical minded than Tiberius, and so was considered more dangerous by the senatorial class. He gained support from the agrarian poor by reviving the land reform programme and from the urban poor with various popular measures.

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He also sought support from the second estate, those equestrians who had not ascended to become senators. Many equestrians were publicansin charge of tax collecting in the Roman province of Asia located in western Anatoliaand of contracting for construction projects.

The equestrian class would get to control a court that tried senators for misconduct in provincial administration.In BC, Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was elected in the college of tribunes in Rome. He was the spokesman of a small group nobile s who wanted land reform. Rome was experiencing increasing problems recruiting soldier s, which obviously meant a decline of power.

Tiberius was born Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar in Rome on November 16, 42BC. Four years later his mother divorced his father and married the triumvir Octavian, later Emperor Augustus, who had Tiberius carefully educated. When in Rome Comparing cities from any era is definitely not one of the easiest tasks.

To compare two different cities from two different eras isn't a piece of cake either, but when you have the advantage of being able to write about a city from your first hand accounts, you come to appreciate the history of people and their cultural roots.

Grachi tiberius gaius rome essay

10 THE GRACCHI AND THE ERA OF GRAIN REFORM IN ANCIENT ROME By Samuel B. Aly Rome’s growing population in the late Republic was a positive sign. CHAPTER XIX THE TIMES OF THE GRACCHI The Causes of Civil Strife, I.—The Reforms of Tiberius Gracchus, II.

—The Reforms of Gaius Gracchus, III. I. THE CAUSES OF CIVIL STRIFE Character of the New Period.—If the period which we have just considered is the most heroic in Roman history, that which we are about to consider is one of the saddest, and yet one of the most interesting.

Grachi tiberius gaius rome essay

grachi tiberius gaius rome Essay examples - THE GRACCHI Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was bon in B.C. and came from a distinguished family. His grandfather conquered Hannibal, his father brought the Celtiberian war successfully to a close, reduced Sardinia, and was elected consul for .

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