Global flow of silver dbq essay blablawriting

Download Essay Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. The impact of silver could be appreciable in both social and economic areas. Before the popularization of silver, an international trade network functioned clearly and transparently.

Global flow of silver dbq essay blablawriting

Download Essay Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Get Access World Silver Trade DBQ Essay Sample The global trade of silver had a devastating affect on the Chinese economy because China did not have the supply of silver that was needed to support their economy so they became dependent on the trade that the Europeans brought 1,3,7,8.

In Europeans states like Spain and Portugal we see their economies benefiting from the increase of the global silver trade because they controlled silver mines in the Americas and India 2,4,6. In china the increase of silver trade brought greater social inequality between the social classes because they lacked a constant supply of silver, in Spain we also see and increase of social inequality because they had a much greater amount of silver that was not distributed fairly 3,5,6.

Global flow of silver DBQ essay China used to have an economy based on bartering but now it has made its standard currency silver, this and the increase of global silver trade has caused devastating affects to their economy because of the lack of the silver coin that they actually had.

Ye Chunji an official during the Ming dynasty was sent out to limit wedding expenses. This shows that people are spending their money on useless amenities that do not benefit the economy therefore we see a limit being place 1. Since this was a county official and most official were Confucian scholars that disliked people that portrayed themselves as extravagant, so Chunji would support this spending limit.

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Wang Xije a Ming dynasty court official said that the lack of the silver coin led to the fall of prices in grain. As the silver that China had became more scarce due to the fact that people spent their money on useless things we see the working class like farmers getting less profit from their crops because the lack of silver 3.

Since court official in china were Confucian scholars and peasants were below them in the social hierarchy they wanted them to be prospering so they can prosper as well.

Global flow of silver dbq essay blablawriting

China began depending solemnly on the trade with Europeans to provide them with silver as seen by Charles Davenant and English scholar. He said that Europeans only receive luxury goods from China and always sent back silver 8.

As China became more dependent on European trade they began to see that other parts of the world were profiting. He Qiaoyuan a Ming dynasty court official noticed that silk sold worth bars of silver in China could be worth up to in the Philippines showing that others economies are prospering 7.

An additional document of a Chinese merchant stating how his life was affected by the new economy and if he was prospering or not would help me to analyze the economical effects of the silver trade in China because it would give me a broader view of the effects it had on different people.


Since Spain was one of main powers that helped increase the global trade of silver we see its economy benefiting considerably from it. Tomas de Mercado said that Spain began having so much silver that prices began to rise and they kept wanting Asian luxury goods.

This shows that Spain has benefited enough from the silver trade to be able to spend money on useless amenities 2. Tomas being a Manual of deals and contracts makes him an expert and reliable source. Ralph Fitch a British merchant witnessed Portuguese go from Macao to Japan to get silver and used it as an advantage to trade in China.

This shows that Europeans are having a bigger influence in the world and are getting all the goods while China is just getting silver 4.Document Based Question: Global Flow of Silver Words Feb 6th, 7 Pages Document Based Question (DBQ): Global Flow of Silver During the mid-seventeenth century and early eighteenth century, many events occurred along with the global flow of silver bullion.

The global flow of silver, as portrayed in this document, can bring great wealth to a region if it is traded in the right places. If the ban on foreign trade was repealed, China could gain a lot of profit from their trading of desired goods in foreign lands (especially porcelain, sugar, and fruit).

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Question 1—Document-Based Question BASIC CORE (competence) • The thesis must address the social and economic effects of the global flow of silver as indicated in the documents.

2. Understands the basic meaning of documents. Students must address all documents in the essay and demonstrate understanding of the basic meaning of at.

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Dec 10,  · Dbq On Global Flow Of Silver silver flow because, with the high demand of silver it caused the value of silver to increase, and so the official is urging the people to save their silver since. The essay lacks an acceptable thesis.

Global flow of silver dbq essay blablawriting

All of the documents are addressed in the essay as is the meaning of each document (1 point). Evidence from each of the documents supports the thesis (2 points). There are two evident groups in the essay: China and Europe .

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