Falling girl child ratio in india

Tweet on Twitter A nurse cares for an abandoned infant with albinism at the Palna facility in Delhi. India is short of 1. International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 every year, and the acute shortage of nurses—attributable to low recruitment, migration, attrition and drop-outs due to poor working conditions— has experts worried. There was a shortage of 2.

Falling girl child ratio in india

What do we mean by Female Sex Ratio?

Search Declining sex ratio is a result of medical professionals helping to eliminate the unborn girl child UP and Bihar the states with the largest number of births will largely decide whether in the next decade there will be an upturn in favour of girls. Given the lack of deterrence against sex selection in these states, the impact will be felt in a further decline of sex ratios in the country opinion Updated: Apr 21, Note that the latest Civil Registration data of 23 million births in also confirms this declining trend.

Perhaps we as a country have not got rid of the son preference syndrome like China. China and India eliminate more than 15 lakh girls annually.

What are the causes of this decline? It seems to be a combination of the lack of political will and the criminal tendencies evident in the medical profession, as in other professions; the lure of quick money by unlawful means, which has militated against the girl child.

Chandrababu Naidu when he demitted office as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh inclaimed that one of his main achievements was to increase the number of medical colleges from seven all government colleges to 30, such is the march of the private sector in the field of medical education.

These colleges are churning out doctors for quick profits. Unsurprisingly, undivided Andhra had the sharpest decline in child sex ratios among the South Indian states in census.

While advertisements in the print media have stopped, thanks to the Supreme Court orders overthey continue unabated on Google search.

Falling girl child ratio in india

The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case asking for blocking advertisement of sex selection. The role of the medical profession is also evident from the fact that the sex ratio is more adverse in urban areas compared to the rural areas.

Unless medical professionals are held responsible for this gross misuse of ultra sound technology, the adverse sex ratio is unlikely to change.

Heroic efforts by NGOs and civil society have yielded results. Varsha Deshpande secured over 70 convictions in Maharashtra of medical professionals over the past decade. This has shown results in improved sex ratios till which went up to However, over and the sex ratio has declined to because of the lack of focus on the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, by the present State government.

The sex ratio at birth has been increasing in Haryana and Rajasthan also thanks to the aggressive prosecution of doctors, under the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Programme of the BJP government.

While discrimination against the girl child existed and infanticide was known, the march of technology has made it easier and clinical to eliminate the girl child before birth.

Until the last decade, the most important cause of missing girls in India was deliberate neglect after birth, but today, it is sex selection before birth. UP and Bihar the states with the largest number of births will largely decide whether in the next decade there will be an upturn in favour of girls.

Given the lack of deterrence against sex selection in these states, the impact will be felt in a further decline of sex ratios in the country. This is not to make a case for banning all abortions but rather a case to end discrimination against women at large. The Public Accounts Committee of the Legislative assembly of Maharashtra has just announced that in all cases foetal sex be determined and pregnancies monitored till delivery.

Falling girl child ratio in india

Apart from being a complete violation of the right to informed consent, which is part of the right to health, it is a gross violation of the right to privacy in decisions of the most intimate kind. Policing pregnant women is not the solution to the problem.

On the contrary, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, allows abortion under certain conditions. The new proposal can also have dangerous communal overtones.

Political parties can facilitate a favourable environment for girls, if they avoid polarisation of our society.

We need to get our national priorities right for the reversal of sex ratios to normalcy. Apr 20, child policy (second allowed if the first is a girl) would dramatically decrease the sex ratio at birth from to Second, if parents are adaptive and take the “can-not-marry” risk into.

Continuing preference for boys in society, for the girl child the apathy continues, the child sex ratio in India has dropped to females against 1, males, one of the lowest since Independence according to Census Declining sex ratio is a silent emergency.

Nov 27,  · The mortality rate for neonatal infections in Central India () was nearly four times higher than in South India () and mortality rates for birth asphyxia and birth trauma was highest in Central India () and lowest in the South ().

Today I’m traveling to talk on the subject of the falling miss kid ratio in India. It is said that God created female parents because he could non be present everyplace.

It is incredible to recognize that a God’s representative is continuously killing because of . India deadliest place in world for girl child Rukmini Shrinivasan An Indian girl child aged years is 75% more likely to die than an Indian boy, making this the worst gender differential in.

Sonipat, which had recorded for the first quarter of the year, had inflated the girl child number by units. The revised statistic was found to be per boys.

Female Sex Ratio in India, Census