Essays about being a good citizen

Are good citizens obliged to blindly follow the government policies? It follows then, what is good citizenship? Henry David Thoreau provides an adequate definition of good citizenship within his essay, Civil Disobedience; Thoreau discusses certain characteristics of a good citizen.

Essays about being a good citizen

A good citizen needs to imbibe many qualities. That he has some duties and responsibilities to bear is true, but at same time, he enjoys some rights and privileges as a citizen of a free state. While he has every right to participate in the judicial, legal politics, religious and social affairs of the nation, he has also some responsibilities i.

To stand by the state, under all conditions, is his first and foremost duty. A good citizen must be ready to sacrifice his everything for the sake of his motherland. He is also required to be a patriot and nationalist. He should have firm and deep faith in the welfare of his motherland.

He has to obey law and order. But he has also to keep in his heart the betterment of the country, the good of society and the interest of the nation. A good citizen must respect the cultural heritage of his country, i. He must respect the race which has given birth to him.

He must always keep in mind the future of his country. He must attempt to raise the standard of living of his country by working honestly. At an event of aggression or foreign attack, he must be ready to shed his blood for the sake of his motherland.

Thus, defense of the country is the supreme duty of a good citizen. Unity of the nations should be his topmost priority. He should work for the unity of the country. A goodwill for other races, protection to the weak, help to the victims, sympathetic and kind consideration to his fellow citizens are things that are needed in good citizen.

A good citizen should have a spirit of cooperation, friendliness, humanity, dedication, devotion for his fellow citizens. He must respect other faiths.

He must not do anything which brings disgrace to his society or to his country.

Essays about being a good citizen

Greatest good of greatest number should be his principle. All these good and great qualities, if possessed, make one a good citizen.A Good citizen essays A good citizen is a blessing to society.

He feels that he has certain responsibilities towards the state, just as the state has certain responsibilities towards him. Thus he is aware of both his privileges and his duties. His foremost duty is his loyalty to the country of.

A good citizen has rights and responsibilities, you are allowed to live whereever you want, but you must follow the rules and pay the taxes.

A worthy citizen respects others and their opinion, for example at a town meeting they will listen to what others have to say and take their point of view into consideration.

Essays about being a good citizen

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Read this Miscellaneous Essay and over 88, other research documents. Being a Good Citizen. Does good citizenship necessitate following the laws despite some kind of injustice within them? Are good citizens obliged to blindly /5(1). Reverend John Hale was a good man in the sense of being the perfect and good citizen of Massachusetts in the 's.

He was pious, adherent to the laws and beliefs, and a good Puritan Christian. John Proctor, on the contrary would not be considered the greatest citizen. Good Citizenship Essay: How To Be A Good Citizen.

In: Popular topics. Everyone is a part of some community, society, city, and country. Most people live for themselves. It is an integral part of being a good citizen.

This is a must thing to do. While staying neutral, you remain useless. Your voice is necessary. Let it be heard.

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