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Bench fix advertisement

It could be that there is just some dust or other debris on it. Even if you can see a couple of scratches on it, you may be able to just clean it to get it in working order again.

Locate and check the depth of the scratches Taking a close look at the disc cab help you determine your course of action. Hold it up Bench fix advertisement the light by putting your thumb in the hole in the middle and grabbing the curved edges with your fingers.

Do not touch the main — shiny — part of the disc, since you could scratch it worse or add fingerprints. See if the scratches are minor scratches barely breaking the surfacemajor scratches about half the depth of the discvery deep grooves or holes that cut through Bench fix advertisement entire surface of the disc.

Minor scratches should be a cinch to repair following the steps below. If there are any major scratches, you should concentrate your cleaning efforts on those areas and you may have to repeat the process a couple times. If the disc has a very deep groove or hole or the scratch is in the side of the disc with the label on it, it will be very difficult to repair, and you should either replace the disc or seek the help of a professional if this is not possible.

Try a few other discs in the player and you will likely come to the conclusion that this is the problem. The Process Assemble your cleaning supplies There are several tricks that have proven helpful in getting scratched CDs and DVDs back to playable condition.

Be aware that these tips will help the disc play better but not necessarily help it look better. In fact, the disc may even look worse after you fix it than it did before.

Bench fix advertisement

It may be duller or have more minor scratches key word: Most any variety of paste not gel will do, although plainer is better than fancier, i. Do not use toothpastes containing abrasive particles such as baking soda or you will do more damage to your disc. Be sure to use creamy peanut butter, not crunchy.

Talk about a way to scratch the disc worse. A somewhat more traditional route to take is using metal polish. Commercial disc repair liquid: Disc repair solutions can be found in most electronic stores, either by themselves or as part of a disc-cleaning kit.

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One example is Disk Doctor, but there are many others as well. Polish your disc Whether you choose the metal polish or go with the peanut butter, you should basically follow the same technique in applying it to your scratched disc. Take a cotton cloth, like the sleeve of an old t-shirt, and dip it in your cleaning solution of choice.

Then use the cloth to gently buff the disc. Rub from the inner part of the disc to the edges in a straight line outward. This could possibly scratch it worse. However it may be necessary to quickly rinse the disc with lukewarm water or window cleaner or wipe off any excess solution with a clean cloth.

Washing with mild dish liquid can also be done if needed.

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Be sure to dry it afterwards by using the cloth or letting it air dry. If none of the suggested solutions work for you, repeat the process again. If you used the peanut butter or the toothpaste, try covering the disc in the solution and letting it set on the disc for five to ten minutes before wiping it off.

You may need to bring in the big guns: These machines can be pricey, so it is recommended to use them as a last resort, or if you have a large number of scratched discs you need fixed at the same time.

Prevention To avoid having this problem in the future, make copies of your CDs and DVDs as soon as you notice any minor scratches on them.

You should always back up discs that contain important data anyway, or save the data in another format.TIME Magazine and Pulitzer-Prize Winning automotive critic Dan Neil run down the 50 worst cars ever produced.

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Bench fix advertisement

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Established in , Bench Fix Salon is one of the fastest growing salons in the country. Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites.

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