An analysis of my drowning as the third novel by jim grimsley

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An analysis of my drowning as the third novel by jim grimsley

Mar 24, John rated it it was amazing Grimsley is one of the best southern writers of this generation. His books are painfully beautiful.

Oct 27, Bert Tomlin rated it really liked it Love this first person recount of a hopelessly poor girl in a severely dysfunctional family. Loved the fact it was written by a man. Very sad and moving. Oct 01, Martha Alami rated it really liked it Although the subject matter is grim, I enjoyed this book.

The author succeeds in capturing and portraying the bleak, abusive life of Ellen, the main character and one of many children in a truly poor, destitute and dysfunctional home.

The story is not new but the author pulled me in to Ellen's life and the despair she survived. I felt as if I understood her and the ignorance of her parents. Sep 14, Beverly B. Being the youngest of six children, I could think of many similarities in this book and my childhood and relationships.

I would recommend this to all. Feb 24, Teresa rated it liked it I enjoyed this book, but the story really didn't end. The family made me glad I didn't grow up like they did, or have such useless parents, but something just didn't go quite right with entire story.

Jun 23, Adrienne G. If you've read the 12 Tribes of Hattie and not wanted to rip your heart out with sadness and despair, then this one might do it for you. This book flips around the memories of a woman who recalls, sometimes with accuracy, sometimes with nostalgia, her life growing up in the Deep South in abject poverty.

KIRKUS REVIEW The narrator is the aged Ellen Tote, refugee from a life of bitter privation.

The author managed to capture a female voice rather well, as well as a woman at various ages. The eyes of a child are a fascinating place to look through in any scenario Oh dear this book was sad. The eyes of a child are a fascinating place to look through in any scenario, and this one is no different.

Somehow, our heroine escaped poverty. Was it the aunt who looked after her? A neighbor and friend? Something pushed her into having a different life than the one that Grimsley captures.

My grandfather was born dirt poor in Northern Alabama during the Depression-- many of the vignettes of this story remind me of stories of his life.

An analysis of my drowning as the third novel by jim grimsley

Foraging for food, biscuits out of fatback and rotten flour This book was hard to read. Looking through so many lenses-- racism, feminism, ableism, etc.The third novel by this PEN/Hemingway Award finalist (Dream Boy; Winter Birds) is an evocative, uncompromising account of a hardscrabble childhood in rural North Carolina that shows Grimsley to be an accomplished stylist and a complex moralist.

MY DROWNING is a haunting portrait of southern poverty and abuse by one of today's most gifted writers. This atmospheric novel is the painful (yet never pandering) tale of young Ellen and a potent commentary on the impact of the home environment on self-image as well as the heritage of physical and emotional abuse/5(13).

Jim's second novel, Dream Boy, won the American Library Association GLBT Award for Literature (the Stonewall Prize) and was a Lambda finalist.

His third novel, My Drowning, was released in January by Algonquin Books and for it he was named Georgia Author of the Year. Read My Drowning by Jim Grimsley by Jim Grimsley by Jim Grimsley for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android Ever since Ellen Tote can remember, she has dreamed of her mother walking slowly into a river.

An analysis of my drowning as the third novel by jim grimsley

My drowning: a novel. [Jim Grimsley] -- An old woman's reminiscences of a childhood spent in the tobacco and cotton fields of rural North Carolina. The father was illiterate, the mother drunk and life was lived in constant squalor. Read "My Drowning A Novel" by Jim Grimsley with Rakuten Kobo.

A woman looks back at her painful childhood in the rural South to solve a .

Jim Grimsley, Professor of Practice